2. Have you ever wondered what our online film journal Notebook might look like in print? Well Sung Mun, a talented design graduate from the Maryland Institute Collage of Art, decided to take a crack at it for one of his graduation projects. Check it out!

  3. the-hulot-universe:

    Alfred Hitchcock as seen and drawn by Pierre Etaix

  4. All 10 canisters of a 70mm print of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    (via The Film Stage)

  5. The first trailer for Xavier Dolan’s film Mommy.

  6. Michelangelo Antonioni & Monica Vitti

    (Source: blanchefordubois, via andreii-tarkovsky)

  7. The Locarno Film Festival has announced their lineup for the 67th edition, taking place this August between the 6th and 16th. You can find the full line-up on Notebook.

  9. communicants:

    The set of The Seventh Seal.

    (via communicants)

  10. Stanley Kubrick and his daughter Vivian

    (Source: andreii-tarkovsky)