1. talent-only:

    Marcello Mastroianni and Maria Schell
    Le notti bianche | 1957

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  2. Harvard at the Gulbenkian: Dialogues about Portuguese Film and World Cinema

    Weekend 4: Desire without Language - Manuela Viegas & Lucretia Martel

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    Dorothy Dandridge & Harry Belafonte in “Carmen Jones”

  4. Ingmar Bergman & Liv Ullmann during the filming of Autumn Sonata. 

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  5. amospoe:

    “Clark adored her. She was the light in his eyes. He admitted to me that he had always loved the company of ladies and he knew he had a reputation of being a ladies man, but with her it was different. He really was in love. To have her taken from him was like someone ripped out his soul. I saw him periodically for years afterward. The light in his eyes was gone. Even when he smiled. That light never returned.”

    — Elaine Barrymore

    Carole Lombard & Clark Gable

  6. Farocki (James Benning, 2014)

  7. lottereinigerforever:

    RIP Marie Dubois

    (here on the set of “Tirez sur le pianiste” with François Truffaut & Charles Aznavour)

  8. shihlun:

    Edward Yang at the film set of The Terrorizers (1986).

    Photo by Liu Chen-Hsiang (劉振祥)

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    Pier Paolo Pasolini

  10. lapitiedangereuse:

    "Whenever I hear the word ‘culture’ I break out my checkbook."