1. lapitiedangereuse:

    Deneuve by Helmut Newton

  2. The trailer for Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini

  3. Happy birthday, Gene Kelly!

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  4. The trailer for Hong Sang-soo’s newest film Hill of Freedom.

  5. midmarauder:

    Robert Bresson Cannes 1962 

  6. Jean-Paul Belmondo and director François Truffaut on the set of La sirène du Mississipi

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  7. Francis Ford Coppola, Mel Brooks, and Jean-Luc Godard.

  8. David Lynch

    Photography by Vladimir Vyatkin

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  9. wehadfacesthen:

    Gena Rowlands on the set of The Spiral Road, 1962, photographed by Leo Fuchs

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  10. "The Illustrated Lauren Bacall": on our Notebook, Adrian Curry looks at how the late, great star was drawn and painted throughout her career.