1. "William Wyler and I were pallbearers, and when we were walking away, I said, ‘What a shame, no more Lubitsch.’ And then he said something better. He said, ‘And worse, no more Lubitsch pictures!’"

    Billy Wilder, describing the death of filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch

    (from Conversations With Wilder)

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  3. the-hulot-universe:

    On September 10th 1956 Tati started filming Mon Oncle.

    Jacques Tati (left) and André Dino (right) on the set of “Mon Oncle” (1958). Unknown photographer

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    Notorious, Fench poster

  5. Trailer #1 for Takashi Miike’s As the Gods Will.

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  6. ICYMI, our annual Toronto International Film Festival coverage has begun in the form of a series of correspondences between Daniel Kasman & Fernando F. Croce.

    #1, #2, #3

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    Jean Harlow in “The Beast of the City” (1932)

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    À Saint-Marc-sur-Mer on aime Monsieur Hulot. On aime moins les règles typographiques.

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  10. On the Set of The Gold Rush (1925).

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