1. Our coverage of this years edition of TIFF has come to a close, but you can still catch up with Daniel Kasman & Fernando F. Croce’s annual correspondence via the links below!

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  2. United States Wins the World Cup, a new short film by Vincent Gallo

  3. Jean Renoir & Jean Gabin on the set of The Lower Depths.

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  4. An investment advertisement for Jerry Lewis’ chain of cinema’s circa 1969. Read more about Jerry Lewis’ business venture at Cinelog.

  5. "I was immediately drawn to the basic concept of what MUBI was all about. You see, one of the big issues many people have with content, be it on online entertainment emporiums such as Netflix or the bricks-and-mortar Blockbusters of yore, is that there is too much choice. Filtering through the cacophonous crackle of C-List flicks (that may actually be quite enjoyable), remakes, sequels, spin-offs and all the rest, can be painstaking."

    The Next Web profiles MUBI! Read more here.


  6. "William Wyler and I were pallbearers, and when we were walking away, I said, ‘What a shame, no more Lubitsch.’ And then he said something better. He said, ‘And worse, no more Lubitsch pictures!’"

    Billy Wilder, describing the death of filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch

    (from Conversations With Wilder)

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  8. talent-only:

    Salvador Dalí and Raquel Welch

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  9. the-hulot-universe:

    On September 10th 1956 Tati started filming Mon Oncle.

    Jacques Tati (left) and André Dino (right) on the set of “Mon Oncle” (1958). Unknown photographer

  10. lapitiedangereuse:

    Notorious, Fench poster